Bitcoin Payment Method

Bitcoin payment is a payment method that allows your customers to purchase products using bitcoins at the current bitcoin rate. Buyers will be able to see product prices based on the latest bitcoin rate and make purchases by typing their ID and one-time password after introducing Bitcoin Payment.

Bitcoin is both a payment network and a modern type of currency. Bitcoin operates without a central authority or banks thanks to peer-to-peer technology; it manages transactions and issues bitcoins collectively.

From their wallets, people can transfer Bitcoin to other people – both individuals and businesses. As opposed to credit cards or payment systems like PayPal, one of the benefits is the low transaction fees. Can spend bitcoins directly from a device, tablet, or Smartphone, and the system ensures consumer protection by employing the highest security standards.

How bitcoin payment method works:

The bitcoin payment service instantly converts obtained bitcoins into the merchant’s preferred currency, removing the possibility of uncertainty. Instead of exchanging bitcoins for fiat currencies, one can keep them in their wallet.

When you buy Bitcoins from a place like Zebpay or another, your money is sent to the exchange. If you purchase it from a bitcoin holder by transferring his bitcoins from his wallet to your wallet, your money will be sent to him as agreed between the two of you.

Bitcoin payment method at online casinos:

Many online casinos are already accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Some casinos operate exclusively on the currency and those that support it alongside other payment methods.

You’re probably considering Bitcoin as your primary payment method, but it’s always a good idea to look into the other deposit and withdrawal options. Keep an eye out for unique limitations so you can access your money whenever and however you want. Keep an eye out for high withdrawal costs, delays, and other problems that might become deal breakers over time.

Bitcoin Deposit:

You’ll need a Bitcoin Wallet and, of course, Bitcoin to deposit with Bitcoin. We’ll go through this move since not everyone is familiar with how to get Bitcoin in the first place.

Step1: Go to the OUSC Bitcoin Page.

STEP2: Pick an Online Bitcoin Casino.

STEP3: Register or Login.

STEP4: Making A Bitcoin Deposit.

STEP5: Make Use Of A Bitcoin Bonus Code or a New Offer.

STEP6: Win Real Money Playing Casino Games.

Bitcoin Withdrawal:

Due to the high volatility in value and online casinos’ additional security measures, Bitcoin withdrawals are still uncommon. When they’re open, they operate just like withdrawals to any other online wallet, which means you’ll benefit from faster withdrawals and low to no transaction fees.

Here’s a step by step guide to the Bitcoin withdrawal payment method:

STEP1: Go to your casino account and log in.

STEP2: Choose the option of withdrawal.

STEP3: Choose the sum you want to delete.

STEP4: Choose Bitcoin as your payment method.

STEP5: Verify

STEP6: You may need to validate the transaction in your Bitcoin wallet using a different browser window.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin payment method:


  1. It has low transaction fees.
  2. Fast and quick transactions.
  3. Highly secured payment method.


  1. It is a relatively bit complex payment method.
  2. Few online casinos do not trust it.
  3. Payments are irreversible.