Packers and Movers

Moving is something that involves lots of risks. Whether you are moving down the street, across the nation, or relocating overseas, the safety of your belongings is your top priority. It is essential to hire reputable packers and movers to avoid scams. There are many companies that lure customers in different ways. You need to be cautious and alert during the selection process. Here are a few red flags to watch out for while hiring packers and movers in Bangalore, Karnataka for your move.

Lack of License and Other Registration Documents

Make sure the company is fully licensed and has the permit to do the job. Ask them to show their valid documents and other certificates.  A company that doesn’t have a license may not be trustworthy and reliable. You might end up losing your goods and money as well.

Not an Insured Company

If your moving company is not insured, they can’t pay you decent money for any loss or damages during transportation. Reliable moving companies are insured so that they can protect themselves from potential lawsuits.

Lack of Experience and Expertise

Search for moving companies that have years of experience in the moving sector. Such companies understand the particulars of the moving process and can effectively handle any complex situation. Also, these experienced moving companies have skilled and well-trained professionals who are dedicated to providing customers with a safe and hassle-free move. If a company has inadequate experience and untrained staff then do not hire them.

Unusually Low Quotes

If a moving company provides extremely low quotes compared to other moving companies in the market, then it is a sign of a red flag. Most local movers and packers offer low-moving quotes to persuade the customers. Once you finalize the deal and hand over your goods to them, they will increase the charges and sometimes even blackmail you to pay for the same. Beware of lowball estimates.

No On-Site Inspection

A moving company that provides quotes without surveying your move details can be a scam. Reputed movers and packers from Bangalore will conduct an on-site inspection to assess your belongings. This will help them provide accurate price quotes and they can also get a clear idea of the quantity of packing material required and the type of vehicle needed for transportation.

No Insurance Coverage

Legitimate moving companies offer insurance coverage for your belongings. Make sure that the company provides adequate insurance or not. If a company does not provide insurance services, you may not be able to take claims if any loss or damage happens during transit.

Lack of Equipment

Reputable moving companies possess the right tools and equipment required for loading and unloading the goods. They will have dollies, ramps, and moving trolleys to lift your belongings safely and load them in a truck. If the moving company does not own the necessary equipment, then it shows that they are not professional movers and packers.

Lack of Transportation Vehicles

Credible movers and packers have their own fleet of vehicles to cater to different types of moving requirements. A company that does not have its own vehicles and rents a truck from outside may not be trustworthy. This is a sign that they are not professional movers and can put your belongings at risk.

Negative Online Reviews

A reputable company always works hard and follows work ethics to maintain its reputation in the market. The right movers will have various positive reviews due to their professionalism and customer-centric approach. If you see maximum negative reviews of a moving company, then be cautious. This shows their lack of professionalism and bad service quality.

No Physical Office

A legitimate moving company should have a physical office. Try to visit them in person so that you can verify their physical address and make sure that they have an appropriate registered office. A company that doesn’t have a physical office can be fraudulent and scammers.

No Written Agreement

Reputable moving companies offer a written agreement inclusive of all the moving charges. Make sure to take quotes in writing.  Don’t trust merely on words. A company that provides written agreements is likely to be more professional and truer to their words.

Demand Upfront Deposits

If the moving company is demanding any kind of advance charges, then the company might be scamming you. You should make sure that you pay only after the movers have delivered your belongings to your desired destination. Do not hire a moving company that demands upfront fees.


Do not select a moving company that is not reliable and professional. If the company lacks a business address, business e-mail, website, business cards, or a moving vehicle then it is a sign that the company is not professional. Rude behavior on the part of the service provider, no ID cards, and uniform on the staff indicates that it is not a good moving company.

No References

If a company fails to provide references, it is a sign that something is wrong. Most moving companies provide customers with positive reviews they get for their service and a long list of happy customer feedback. Do not rely on such moving companies that are not willing to give references from past customers.

No Clear Communication

If a moving company avoids your questions or does not provide clear answers then it may be a red flag. Registered moving companies are ready to help clear the customers doubts and answer their queries. Also, reputable movers and packers companies have a dedicated customer support team to attend to the queries and complaints of the customers and provide prompt solutions.


Hiring the right movers and packers Bangalore to Chennai for your move is a challenging task. You may get trapped by fake movers and packers and end up losing all your belongings and money. By keeping an eye on the warning signs and red flags, you can save yourself from getting scammed and have a hassle-free shifting experience. Remember to check the credentials, moving insurance, physical address, professionalism, written quotes, and online reviews before making a decision.