Rigid Boxes

Different brands use different packaging for their products. When it comes to product protection, many businesses use rigid boxes due to their unique protective feature. Plus they are providing a luxury look to your products. These boxes are specifically designed to provide full protection during their shipping.

Many businesses are using these boxes as they enhance brand products’ look easily plus they are available at a wholesale rate which makes them accessible and affordable. These boxes become the  No.1 choice for every brand because they offer quality packaging solutions along with options for customization.

If you are going to purchase these boxes then this information will be very useful for your brand. In this blog, I will talk about some of the major features that every rigid box must-have. Before starting the blog, I want to give a brief introduction to what these boxes are and why you should choose custom rigid boxes wholesale for your brand products.

What Are Custom Rigid Boxes?

They are made up of sturdy paper packaging that has a high thickness of about 2-3mm. Due to their luxurious look and high protective quality, they are mostly used in gift packaging. One best features is that they are customizable so that you can easily create your boxes with your choices and preferences.

Rigid Packaging Vs Other Packaging Types

The selection of packaging for your brand’s products is very important. Mostly we choose packaging by looking at its significant features or by comparing them with other packaging. So let’s compare custom rigid boxes’ features with those packaging that are commonly used. This will help you in selecting the best packing for your products. In this table, you will know all the features that help you to decide whether rigid packaging is the best or not.




    Carton    Packaging  Corrugated     Packaging
  Product Safety         High         Low         High
        Reusable         Yes     Usually Not         Yes
      Sturdiness         High          Low         High
      Brand Value           High         Low         Low
  Appealing Look           High         Low         Low


Customization Options

After discussing the features, let’s talk about how you can design these boxes that help you in your brand product promotion plus for your personal uses. There are many options that help you create your desired boxes and make them distinctive in the market. Without wasting your time, let’s move on to their design options. 

  • Variation In Sizes And Styles

By designing your custom rigid packaging, you have a number of options in styles as you can choose different classy and funky styles for gift purposes or you can make casual design boxes with decent styles and designs. This will also help in your brand’s promotion by customizing them with your brand’s designs and styles.

  • Vibrant Color Options 

You can use a different color theme that suits your brand’s products or use a different color contrast that goes with your events like a birthday theme party or other events that show that these boxes are specifically designed for that event.

  • Unique Style Printings 

One to six color prints are used on the inside and outside of custom rigid boxes making them unique from others. You can also add hot stamping, embossing/debossing, UV spot, and different coatings to your rigid packaging boxes that bring its artwork to its full potential.

Advantages Of Using Boxes 

Rigid boxes are used in different brands’ packaging for their multiple benefits. Besides providing protection, they have a number of advantages that make them the first option in the business world. Here we’ll look at the features that these boxes possess.

  • Increase Brands Value

To enhance your brands, you must keep increasing your brand’s value by using premium quality materials and catchy designs that attract customers easily. So with the use of these boxes, you can increase your brand value because they are crafted with high quality materials plus a protective inner layer that makes them perfect for all your brand’s products. 

  • Eye-Catching Branding Options

Branding has great importance in the success and failure of a brand. That’s the reason that brands spend a lot of money on it. But when you use wholesale custom product packaging boxes for your brand products then you don’t have to spend a lot of money on branding. Their eye-catching and appealing look helps you in your brand’s success.

  • Having Reusability Quality

Custom rigid boxes are durable as they are made of sturdy material. It means that these boxes can be reused and help in keeping the environment clean. Keeping this feature in mind, many businesses are using rigid packaging than other packaging.


Rigid boxes are special type of box that is popular in the packaging world due to their protective feature and luxurious style. Moreover, they are reusable therefore have positive impacts on the environment. One best feature they have is their customization. It means you can easily design them with your preferred designs and styles and use them as a promoting tool for your brands.